Made4Biz Security Inc - Security Operations Center (SOC)


The Security Operations Center (SOC) allows security personnel to manage the entire campus security system from one place.  The SOC is the control center of the Dynamic Security system. It is also available as a standalone security integration platform.



  • Set Security Policy

  • View Status

  • View Alarms

  • Handle Alarms

  • Generate Reports


  • Security integration platform

  • Holistic security process management

  • Scheduler (event-driven and time-based)

  • Layout visualization

  • Log management

  • Coming soon - physical security integration

D-SOC shows you the big picture of campus security at a glance


  • Standalone platform -  Integrates existing security functions

  • See and control campus security at a glance - Integration of  the entire Dynamic product family into one comprehensive security business process

  • Policy-based security - Flexible policy engine automates policy-based security, based on  physical presence, threat levels and business rules.

  • Location-based security - Access rights depend on user's location

  • Temporal based security - Access policies change in off-hours.

  • Role-based security - Rights are administered by role.

  • Security Syndication - Pool data from multiple sites to detect attack preparations.


See and control status and alerts at any level for the entire campus


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