Made4Biz Security Inc - Dynamic Homeland Security (D-HS)


Dynamic Homeland security adds additional capabilities and functions to the basic D-ICT package, making it suitable for monitoring physical safety threats and advanced security monitoring in critical facilities.

Dynamic Security Syndication feature is a powerful capability as an adjunct to Homeland Security functions. It allows integration of security threat information from across a region or organization, putting together separate alerts and observations to get the big picture. Isolated incidents of observations and illegal access attempts can be correlated across an organization or a region. This enables organizations and enterprises to detect and stop attacks before they happen.   

Dynamic Security Syndication enables organizations to pool information about surreptitious observations and other incidents and detect and stop attacks before they happen.


  • GIS module

  • HTML form generation for Security Incident Reporting

  • Timeline visualization

  • External device integration:

  • Burglary Alarm

  • Fire Alarm

  • CCTV

  • Voice/Video recording and analysis

  • Espionage detection

  • Regional syndication

  • Integration with external systems:

  • Cisco IPICS

  • Any data source via Web services


  • Regional security

  • Campus physical security

  • Public facilities, enterprises, educational institutions, critical utilities airports, seaports,

  • Employee-vehicle relationship security

  • Visitor security management

  • Multiple site correlation

  • Safety monitoring

  • Visualization of hazardous areas

  • Municipal emergency management




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