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Made4Biz Security Compliant Information Assurance automates enforcement of compliance with regulatory requirements and organization policies.

Features and Functions

Policy driven management

The CIA Platform matches actual data, events and processes against a pre-defined compliance policy.

Where conflicts are detected between the compliance policy and actual real life activities, CIA is set up to resolve that conflict either automatically or by running a mediation workflow which enables a hybrid of human intervention as well as automated activities.

Incident management

Any compliance management system must have ability to capture and track events, cases and incidents across the extended enterprise.

Compliance Officers, Call center personnel, IT departments, QA personnel, and ethics hotline should be able to log in any adverse events across the enterprise, triggering the necessary corrective and preventive actions.

The CIA Platform supports such functionality right out-of-the-box.

Compliance reporting

Compliance reporting is divided into two main areas; anonymous reporting facilities of compliance related incidents, which CIA enables through a web accessible HTML form located on the organizational portal, and the compliance related ‘state of the organization’ dashboard which enables drilldowns into the very sources of the compliance issues and the way the organization dealt with them.

These reporting facilities are accessible to the various interested parties such as:

    • Compliance team
    • Internal auditing team
    • IT security and risk team
    • Physical security team
    • CFO
    • CEO
    • External auditor’s team
    • Any other authorized person.

Compliance data can be displayed in a hierarchy of compliance dashboards that show compliance status information at a glance. Different managers and personnel get to see only the compliance information they need.

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