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The man in the browser and how to starve him - ID thieves find new ways to rob on-line banking and stock brokerage customers all the time. IDentiWall can stop them.

Press Releases

Security Operations Center to be Released - {August 3]  An advanced release of the Made4biz Security Operations Center (SOC) is planned for Q3, 2006. The product allows integration and central control of campus-wide security systems. More

Selesta to distribute Dynamic! Security - [August 2] - Under a new partnership agreement, Selesta S.P.A. will distribute Dynamic! Security in Italy. More

CEO: Dynamic! Security could have prevented hacking at State Department - [July 12] - Made4Biz Security CEO Ilan Meller pointed out that Dynamic Security could have prevented recent hacking of US State Department computers. More

Security Syndication - January 1, 2006 - Made4Biz Dynamic Security announces development of the security syndication capability, to be offered to Made4Biz Dynamic Security customers. By correlating physical and IT security information, Dynamic Security is able to offer a wide array of unique solutions that help organizations achieve better security management.

The Security Syndication functionality is designed to help syndicate security information using an approach that sheds new light on the big regional picture.

Since the Syndication facility of Dynamic Security is a generic facility, it can be implemented in many ways to reflect communities with a common interest, such as:

  • Organizations that belong to the same mother organization (government, subsidiaries, etc.)

  • Organizations that share the same geography.

  • Different campuses of a university

  • Companies in the same group

  • Organizations who are members in the same guild.



Managing Director of Made4Biz Benelux to speak at GVIB meeting  - Mr Eli Berenholtz of Made4Biz Benelux will explain the principles of the Dynamic Security suite and present demos at the Dutch information security gathering. A representative of Deltalloyd will describe a case history. More

Made4Biz Security CEO addresses ISF Bi-Annual Forum - Made4Biz Security CEO Ilan Meller showed how Dynamic Security products make ICT- Physical security convergence a reality. More




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