Made4Biz Dynamic Security Press Release


Press Release

July  12, 2006 

Dynamic Security Could Have Prevented State Department Hacking

Ilan Meller, CEO of Made4biz Security, pointed out today that Dynamic Security could have prevented hacker break-in and tampering with US State Department computer systems. According to a Reuters story, the State Department is investigating "anomalies" in its unclassified computer system, the agency. said Tuesday. The Associated Press reported that the State Department detected large-scale break-ins of its computers last month in its headquarters and offices that deal with China and North Korea.

"Dynamic Security would have made it virtually impossible for hackers to enter the computers by limiting access to personnel who are really on-site and barring bogus duplicate log-ins. Any hacking attempts and anomalies would have been visible immediately and would have triggered alarms, if a Dynamic Security had been installed," Meller explained.




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