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August 3, 2006 

Security Operations Center (SOC) Release

[August 3, 2006] Made4Biz Security Inc. today announced the planned release of an advanced version of its new Security Operations Center (SOC).

The SOC facilitates:

  • Security policy lifecycle management and its enforcement over non-policy based third party products.
  • Centralized monitoring and control over the entire organizational security landscape, software and appliance based alike.
  • Integration of isolated “islands-of-security” applications into a holistic, workflow based, security process.
  • Wiring dictionary for mitigation of security data sharing amongst stand-alone products that are integration-antagonistic to each other.
  • Physical and ICT security convergence.
  • Forensic-based Investigation (FBI) system which enables manual as well as automated investigations using disparate security data sources such as logs, DBMSs, XML files, SNMP devices, WMI, LDAP and others.
  • Layout-based visualization that improves user comprehension of location and area concentration of security events.

When SOC is bundled with the Dynamic! Security product, customers can add to the policy enforcement capabilities, location based security layer on top of the existing security implementation. Location-based security is a vital tool in the fight against internal and external identity theft.

Wi-Fi technologies put at risk all organizational networks, whether or not they use Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi device proliferation forces even “non Wi-Fi” organizations to take into account that some time down the road they are going to be exposed to its risks. "After all, it is enough that for an external consultant to plug his laptop into the organizational network while leaving his Wi-Fi option on, for the network to be exposed” said Yoav Baruch, Made4Biz Security’s CTO.

The new release of the SOC is planned in the third quarter, 2006.

Product Description: Security Operations Center


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