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June 1, 2008 

Made4Biz Security announces IDentiWallรค secure e-Banking

Ilan Meller, CEO of Mad4Biz Security Inc, announced the release of IDentiWallTM for Secure e-Banking. The IDentiWall e-banking product extends IDentiWall VPN by providing online banking and financial transactions over the public Internet with the same robust and easy to use security mechanism incorporated in the private network version.  Developed in conjunction with the world's leading banks, IDentiWall secure e-Banking offers the ultimate protection against fraud in online financial transactions in a robust, scaleable, maintainable and upgradeable solution that meets all current threats and is designed to meet the challenge of e-fraud schemes that will evolve with the introduction of new technology.

IDentiWall is built around an ingenious basic mechanism that allows user authentication and verification of user commands through the user's wireless handset. That innovation provides ease of use and ease of implementation. There is no special hardware to purchase and no modifications are made in existing financial software. IDentiWall builds on this basic mechanism to create an adaptive expert system that utilizes past history, correlative patterns and expert knowledge to provide the most secure environment possible for online financial transactions.

Meller explains, "Our unique authentication mechanism provides a major part of the functionality. However the entire package provides a much higher level of security because of its ability to take advantage of the information generated during operation of the system. For example, that allows the system to adjust security policies according to past behaviors and current customer location, to execute digital investigations and digital surveillance, and to syndicate threat information according to the needs of the vendor. We are certain that this unique function set provides security for online financial transactions that is unmatched by any other system.

IDentiWall products include:

IDentiWall VPN

IDentiWall Citrix

IDentiWall Wi-Fi

IDentiWall Web mail

IDentiWall Web

IDentiWall Non-Repudiation

IDentiWall eBanking

IDentiWall Student

IDentiWall Pay-as-you-Go



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