Made4Biz Security Inc - The Vision


Made4Biz Security's vision is to develop the Dynamic Security software portfolio that converts
static security product implementations into dynamic implementations while adding:

· Location-based security
· Temporal-based security
· Role-based security
· Policy-based security
· Physical – IT security convergence
· Security syndication
· Security administration automation
· Security Operations Center

  The Dynamic Security product line grew out of our extensive experience in providing security solutions for enterprises. It is intended to meet emerging security threats and reduce exposure that has increased due to emerging technologies such as Wi-Fi, as well as to provide a solution for urgent regulatory and standards requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley, that demand security convergence.

Made4Biz Security management and personnel are ICT and security professionals with broad ICT experience. They bring an exceptional understanding of the ICT marketplace, customer requirements, operational security needs and technological expertise to all aspects of product development.

A keystone of the company’s vision is its devotion to full customer satisfaction, as detailed in our statement of business values. The Made4Biz’s business culture puts special emphasis on utmost satisfaction in customer installation, implementation and daily support.

To make this vision come true, the company is engaged in a continuous development and improvement process
geared towards Total Quality Management.

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