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Company and Products

  Made4Biz Security Inc develops and markets software that maximizes IT and physical security in your organization, meeting challenges posed by new technologies and regulatory standards. The Made4Biz Security management team and advisory committee have years of unique experience in various branches of security and in implementing IT security systems. Our products reflect this experience.

Our Dynamic Security (DS) products implement adaptive time-based and location based security policies. These permit access to computers and networks only if the person is really where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there. DS can integrate with electronic locks, door controllers, RFID sensors, other card and biometric readers.

Because it is a Web based application, DS is deployed easily on common desktops and servers to enable policy-based and role-based administration for various groups of users.

Dynamic Security implements IT-physical security convergence, and is, in fact, a bridge between physical access control systems and the ICT realm. With DS, all security products and activities, including auditing and compliance, can be merged into a single coherent business process.

Dynamic Security radically reduces risk exposure, delivering significant added value by improving security, operational efficiency, and compliance to regulations and policies:

  • Improving network security, auditing, and regulatory compliance.
  • Automating policies and incident handling.
  • Protection against unauthorized insider or outsider network access ("hacking") using absent employees' credentials.
  • Implementing location and time-based security to reduce exposure to ID theft.
  • Defending against drive-by Wi-Fi hacking.
  • Reducing portable device theft.

Made4Biz’s Dynamic Security is an intelligent system implemented by powerful home grown technology:

  • Event, correlation and pattern recognition engine
  • Workflow engine
  • Policy and role engine
  • Forensic based investigations (FBI) engine
  • Scheduler engine
  • Integration facilities
  • Secure storage and caching
  • License management

Dynamic Security uses an open, standards-based architecture to ease vertical integration and upgradeablity. Standards supported include:

  • XML
  • XSD
  • SOAP (Web Services)
  • WMI
  • SNMP
  • SOA
  • XSLT
  • LDAP
  • DSML
  • Enhanced Web Services (OASIS standard)

Made4Biz Dynamic Security can help your organization:

  • Add a policy and role based security layer over existing security products.
  • Add a location and temporal based security layer over the existing products.
  • Automate security, auditing and compliance using robust event management, workflow, scheduling and forensic investigation technologies.
  • Integrate existing best-of-breed physical and ICT security products into one streamlined security business process.



Mr. Ilan Meller, CEO

+972 (3) 635 8822

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