Dynamic Security Solutions: Airport Security Solution


In airports, Dynamic Security:

  • Implements compliance with Homeland Security alerts,

  • Controls physical access automatically and change access permissions during an emergency,

  • Facilitates utilization of forensics information to identify suspicious passengers.

  • Tracks relationships between:

    • Passenger – Luggage

    • Passenger – boarding

    • Luggage – boarding

    • Passenger – location within the airport

Dynamic Security also issues a pre-scheduled manifest with the information that is relevant to the flight take-off:

  • Which passengers have been boarded and who is still missing?

  • Have all the luggage pieces have been loaded to the correct plain and if not, where are the missing pieces?

  • The manifest is issued: 

  • 30 minutes before take-off

  • 20 minutes before take-off

  • 10 minutes before take-off

    Dynamic Security also supports automated check-in procedures that are typically done through specialized kiosks.




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