Made4Biz Security Inc - Advisory Committee


The Made4Biz Dynamic Security advisory committee consists of experts in the physical security and ICT fields, who provide inputs on operational requirements as well as reviewing product specifications and design.

In the Advisory Committee we enjoy the benefit of the advice and experience of:

·        The former deputy commander of the Israeli Mossad

·        The former deputy commander of the Israeli Shabak (General Security Service) who was responsible for  Israeli homeland security

·        The security officer of the Knesset (the Israeli parliament)

·        The former head of security in the Israeli correction authority

·        The former CSO of the Ben-Gurion airport

·        A leading security consultant to the Israeli Air Force

·        A former security officer of the Israeli embassies

·        A person formerly responsible for Israeli seaport security

·        Five leading experts on ICT security   


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