Security Syndication


Security Syndication allows you to pool information from several locations. This allows you to see the big picture and get early warning of attack preparations.

Behavior of a typical terrorist cell  follows a known pattern:

  • Search for a lucrative target. A target with the weakest security measures and the highest success rate for infiltration.

  • Learn its security procedures.

  • Launch the attack.

Dynamic Security’s syndication facility helps detect terrorist activities in their early stages.  Security Syndication helps in building and managing regional communities of Dynamic Security customers who share a common interest and are willing to share their security information with the rest of the community.

For example:

  • A car was detected parking and attended by a human being who might be observing customer A's campus.
  • This event get logged into customer A’s Dynamic Security system.
  • Since customer A has joined a regional security syndication managed by Dynamic Security, that observation event gets transmitted to all the syndication member’s Dynamic Security systems.
  • The next time this car will be reported, by any of the syndication members, as parking outside the campus while being attended, it will be interpreted by Dynamic Security as a recurrent observation and the appropriate security policy will be executed automatically.

Since the syndication facility of Dynamic Security is a generic facility, it can be implemented in many ways to reflect communities with a common interest, such as:

  • Organizations that belong to the same mother organization (government, subsidiaries, etc.)
  • Organizations that share the same geography.
  • Different campuses of a university
  • Companies in the same group
  • Organizations who are members in the same guild.


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