ICT-Physical Security Convergence


Dynamic Security implements security convergence. It provides a convergence platform for physical and ICT ŭsecurity, widening the security horizon to enable organizations to correlate ŭevents coming from the different “islands of technology” that ignore each other. It interprets the data and uses it to implement dynamic security policies that adapt to the  “big picture.”ŭ

For example: a physical event that indicates that a certain employee left the ŭcompany’s campus is in itself a very little story. A routine Log-On event is also ŭsomething that tends to pass unnoticed. However, a Log-On event that occurred within ŭthe campus with the credentials of an employee who was reported to have left the ŭcampus, sheds bright light on the big picture.ŭ Dynamic Security is designed to collect all those events from both the physical and IT ŭenvironments, extract the information needed to provide the big picture, and use the information to alter access permissions based on where the employee, monitored subject or monitored object is located.  ŭ  



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