Dynamic Security Solutions: Inventory Control and Asset Management System Business Case


The Problem

A hospital discovered that its employees spent an unreasonable amount of time  looking for mobile devices such as X-ray carts. More alarmingly, expensive equipment was disappearing entirely.

The solution

When Dynamic Security’s RFID tracking is applied to the problem:

  • Every costly entity gets tagged with an RFID tag.

  • RFID vicinity readers are installed in key locations such as doors (included the elevator’s).

  • Dynamic Security gets the reader’s events and correlates the location of the device with the organizational policy.

  • The system also keeps track of the last known location of the device, hence being able to suggest its location it upon request.

  • Dynamic Security shows the last known location of the device on a map layout.

  • Alarms are produced for every event of a device that gets moved outside its designated area.

  • The system keeps track of all the people (personnel and visitors alike) that left the premises at the same time that the device left it.

  • Alternatively, the system initiates a request to the physical access control guard to search for the device at the exit gate.




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