Dynamic Security Solutions: Desk Top Alarm Business Case


The Problem

Some organizations implement a policy under which desktops never are shut down. This practice can be leveraged  to provide the organization with a free alert system that discovers movements in areas that should be empty at that time.

The Solution

This solution is based on the understanding that if a perpetrator enters a room, chances are that he will touch a mouse or shake a desk, an activity that will change the status of the screen saver and will prompt a Log-On screen. In such case Dynamic Security ‘Sensing control’ policy will:

  • Listen to any event of a mouse movement, screen saver status change or keyboard activity.

  • If the event occurred outside normal working hours and maybe in a specially controlled area, it executes the appropriate policies:

    • Alerts the guard and waits for their acknowledgement that they are dealing with the situation.

    • If there is no acknowledgement, during a reasonable waiting time, the system executes an escalation policy, that may take a variety of supplementary measures such as contacting others, re-alerting with the addition of specified alarm sound etc.

    • Disconnect all the desktops in that room from the network.

    • Shutting down the desktops.

    • Guiding the guards in executing all the predefined steps for such a situation, by prompting on their screen a list of measures they have to take.

    • Direct the guards to the exact point where the alarm was initiated by showing them a map layout of the premises with the direct location of the movement.



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