Dynamic Security Solutions: Regulatory Compliance Business Case


The Problem

Many organizations are required to comply with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, FISMA and Basel II etc. These regulations include Access Control chapters for which implementation of compliance can be tricky and expensive.

The solution

Implementation of Dynamic Security  policies facilitates:

  • Location based security

    • Physical presence

    • Department, machine and port restricted log-on

  • Temporal oriented security

    • Working days

    • Working shifts

    • Irregular working hours

  • Activity based security

    • What gets done?

    • By whom?

    • Can be correlated with role description.

    • Follows sequence of events that fit known malicious patterns such as frauds.

  • Forensic investigations

    • Based on data t generated by Dynamic Security

    • Based on data accumulated from external systems.



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