Dynamic Security Solutions: Communications Cable Information Theft Business Case


The Problem

A risk management survey conducted by a law firm, pointed out the risk of undetected information theft conducted in the following way:

  • The thief disconnects a server from the network by simply unplugging the communication wires from the port on the wall.

  • While the server is disconnected, its information gets copied or its disk gets replaced or malicious code gets installed on it.

  • The wire is plugged in again, returning status to “normal”.

The solution

Dynamic Security’s ‘Communication Control’ implementation:

  • Waits for events of network disconnect.

  • Upon such events, executes the appropriate policy that alerts the network administration staff,  the IT security staff and the guards on duty.

  • Prevents the server from being reconnected to the network until it gets checked and reauthorized as compliant with organizational policies



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