Thursday, November 23, 2006

Compliant Information Assurance

The compliance challenge

It has become impossible to go through corporate life without stumbling into compliance requirements of any sort.

The real challenge is to develop compliance assurance technology that ensures that you can hand any existing or new compliance requirement that may arise in the future.

This challenge intrigued us at Made4Biz Security Inc. and stimulated to develop a solution.

Common requirements of regulations

The typical regulatory requirement is that the organization will adhere to a published set of compliance rules. These rules could cover any aspect of corporate life; from financial to workplace safety through IT risk management.

Everything and anything may be one day subject to compliance regulations.

The regulatory bodies vary from governments to insurance companies through to organizational initiated compliance policies.

Such diversity in compliance regulations and initiators of compliance requirements, calls for a generic solution that would be able to implement any existing compliance policy, as well as any new compliance policies that may be required down-the-road.

The versatility of a compliance platform and its ease of implementation hinges upon the ability to install "compliance knowledge capsules" and on its assimilation into the organizational process.

Compliant Information Assurance (CIA) platform addresses compliance requirements

The Made4Biz Security Compliant Information Assurance (CIA) platform addresses today's organizational compliance requirements and provides a strong technical foundation for any future requirements which no doubt will become mandatory.

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